Most paid for social content sucks. Brands think they can show the same image or video over and over again, and get different results.

The last time we checked that was pretty much the definition of insanity (well, at least according to the internet).

Here's the truth: if someone didn't click the first time, they wont click the second, or the third. And you can't just show product without doing the hard work to build brand awareness and maybe even a little ❤️ first.

The UV have been working with The Chapar and their paid social team to produce fresh content on a monthly basis. This set-up allows us to constantly refine and evolve the creative according to what's generating the highest engagement and best leads.

  • We produce still-life images and micro-videos (as above) that work across Instagram and Facebook.

  • We keep costs sensible and the turn around times short in order to constantly refresh the creative according to results.

  • The most effective mix for generating leads has proven to be a balance of videos which directly sell the service, and ones that bring to life the brand's quirky, humorous persona.

  • The most effective creative to date is the Chapar Box Pack video (below), with over five million views and helping The Chapar generate over 2.8 million in revenue.

Let us help your brand maximise its potential through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Drop a line to see how we can help.