We just made a branded magazine for The Chapar, it’s good in lots of ways. Here’s how to do it in six simple steps.

Pitch it right for amazing talent.

Print definitely isn’t dead - Wallpaper and Vogue just had their most profitable years - but it’s been through the equivalent of a serious accident, and come back changed but stronger.

Print must be premium, and for brands, it needs to be more than an advert in disguise. Get it right and you can attract amazing and hugely valuable individuals to your branded project.

Take our work on The Chapar Handbook - it’s high end, with a print run of 40,000, and sent a further 120,000 via email - a package that has enabled us to feature genuine influencers like Jack Morris, @DoYouTravel, and set-up an exclusive photo shoot with Arsenal keeper, Petr Cech. Big Pete going on the share the story with his 5 million followers on Facebook, and 1.5 million on Instagram. If you build it, they will come.

Bring them value.

Just selling your product or service to your audience isn’t going to work. You’re not making a magazine, you’re making a catalogue (and possibly a crappy one at that). A great branded mag should be a great read and beautiful to look at. The longer people spend with their head stuck in it, and the more positive the emotional response, the more they’ll love your brand. And the better the investment.

Sell your essence.

To make it valuable to your business, not just the reader, you need pinpoint what your brand purpose is, what you stand for, what you want your customers to think about you and associate you with - and that needs to shout from EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Or, if you're really smart, every sentence and image.

Spread the cost.

Great stories work on any channel - sure you’ll need to refine and restructure for each medium - but a great story in print, should provide you with great raw content for your social posts, for your blog, for SEO, for paid for social… and vice versa.

Invest in the best creatives.

That means writers, photographers and illustrators who contribute to the likes of The Guardian, Times, and Stylist. If what you’re doing is interesting, they’ll jump at it, and at a sensible price. If if it isn’t interesting enough for them, ask yourself what you’re doing making dull content.

It’s cheaper than you think.

Cover your costs, produce valuable cross-channel marketing assets, hell - even make a profit. A fifty-page mag on A4, with 20,000 print run (and on good paper) can come in as cheap as 2.5k. If you want to hand it out across London, or another city, it’s another 2-4k. And editorial starts as little as 12k for a fifty-pager. Sell advertising on top of that, and it can wipe its own face, or become a fresh revenue stream. Oh, and for some reason, you get sent a lot of cologne and perfume for free. So you'll smell nice.

If you don't fancy doing it all yourself, why not drop me a line, and see how The UV can help: joe.barnes@theuvcollective.com

Read the Chapar Handbook, Issue 3, here.